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    Featured Testimonials

    Christian Sikes on 12/2018

    Great experience! I was on the fence about trusting another manufacturer after having been ripped off with my first run. I was put through to the general manager Steve and he really sold me - I was very impressed b y the fact that he took the time to explain the process, non-disclosure agreement, and the nuances other companies don't even bother getting into. Much appreciated and happy to continue working with you guys!

    Emily Kutsowitz on 10/2018

    Excellent across the board. A few years back I had an issue with a manufacturer who took my money and did not deliver. I was skeptical to trust another provider but I am glad I did. They really care about their work and it shows. They got my product right and now my company is doing better than ever!

    Sarah Whittaker on 11/2018

    I have been through 6 different 3rd party logistics providers before settling in with Makers Nutrition, where I had my product manufactured in the first place. Previously, I could never get tracking info on a timely basis, my products were not going out on time, I could never get any inventory reports, inventory updates, etc. Rich at Makers Nutrition is like a machine. I feel like he works just for MY company. It is such a relief and such a pleasure not to have to manage my fulfillment center's business in addition to my own! Thanks Makers!

    Tamara Jordan on 10/2018

    Here, I experienced an unparalleled level of customer service - my questions were always answered. If my representative did not have an immediate answer, he always got back to me promptly with more than enough information regarding my inquiry. I am very much impressed.

    CBD Workout Supplements

    It was a pleasure ordering from Stock CBD Supplements. Special thanks goes out to Pat for taking the time to answer my questions.

    Robert L.

    CBD Workout Supplements

    We were able to quickly start selling CBD. We were glad to see our product passed third party testing. We will re-order again in the future.

    Jennifer W.

    CBD Workout Supplements

    Makers Nutrition is a good company, I had every bit of confidence to expect the same from Stock CBD Supplements, but I had no idea that CBD would sell so well!

    Hank Y.

    CBD Workout Supplements

    The biggest benefit for me was having them handle it all; the preset formulas, the packaging and fulfillment. Thank you again.

    Jimmy S.