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    Let Us Ship Your CBD Orders

    We've Got Your Fulfillment Needs Covered

    Our vitamin fulfillment capabilities are incredible! We are your preferred partner because we bring a level of service that makes high-volume business opportunities possible. Our solution will plug-and-play with most mainstream shopping carts, online marketplaces and distribution outlets. Our fulfillment service reduces your costs because it intelligently shops for the lowest shipper rates, and since we service multiple businesses, you'll benefit from volume discounts.

    Warehouse for CBD Supplements

    Warehouse & Inventory Management

    Our warehouse is equipped to store and ship your inventory. We use the latest 3PL software to scan and track changes as your product orders get fulfilled.

    Order Fulfillment Reporting

    On-Demand Reporting & Alerts

    Our software gives critical information about your business anytime. From automated reporting to an on-demand web portal, all shipping activity logs & reports are available 24/7.

    CBD Distribution Company

    EDI Capable For Major Distribution

    Work with big retailers? Our EDI is likely compatible with their transmission format requirements. We support over 1200+ major retailers and distributors and can accommodate popular 850, 856 and 810 exchange formats.

    CBD Ecommerce Integration to Warehouse

    Shopping Cart Integration

    We integrate with mainstream eCommerce solutions including Shopify, Bigcommerce, Volusion, Magento, CS Cart and others. Orders sync in real-time, shipment tracking and inventory does too.

    CBD Low Cost Shipping Solution

    Carrier and Freight Services

    Our fulfillment service will optimize carrier selection to reduce shipping costs. Need freight services? We do that too. Leverage our volume discounts and save on shipping rates & packing materials.

    Business Solutions for CBD Brands

    Direct Marketplace Support

    We directly integrate with Amazon and service other marketplaces via ChannelAdvisor. Our system automates sku mapping, shipping, tracking notifications and inventory updates.