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    Coping with Kids at Home During COVID and How CBD Can Help

    • Coping with Kids at Home During COVID and How CBD Can Help

    With 121,000 U.S. public and private schools closed in 46 states, at least 54.5 million students are home with their parents who are learning to adjust to a new kind of work-life balance. And when you are a busy business owner, of say, a private label CBD line, tensions are bound to rise.

    Here are some tips to help keep your customers and yourself sane. We know you’re going to need it.

    Set a Schedule

    A change in schedule doesn’t mean there can’t be one. While the kids may be able to sleep later than usual, get them into a new routine of getting themselves up and ready for a different kind of school day. One with extra mom/dad and me time. When you are not playing Bill Nye, keep your kids on track with a lunch time. Maybe even prepare a virtual “lunch brunch” with classmates.

    Their Play Time is Your Work Time

    Warmer weather means more play time OUTSIDE. Encourage your kids to get out there and out of your hair---I mean your house. Join in on some quality fresh-air family time, but back to work it is. While the children are safely at play in the yard, visit the computer and get to looking at our stock formulas page. There you’ll find a variety of hemp-derived CBD products. Not only do they contain a non-detectable amount of THC, they contain the potential to aid countless people stuck at home. Don’t get me wrong—we love our kids, but we can all agree that by the end of the day we are stressed out and tired!

    Stay-At-Home Support

    Why not offer the many moms and dads out there who are super parenting right now the break they need with a daily CBD gummy? How about a sleep-supporting softgel? Contact us today and let’s start the conversation so you can be the helping hand your customers will need in the uncertain days ahead.