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    CBD Manufacturing You Can Count On

    • CBD Manufacturing You Can Count On

    According to The Associated Press, some pet CBD products on the market contain almost no CBD at all—just one reason why it’s CRUCIAL to choose a CBD manufacturing service partner that stands by their word and adheres to good manufacturing practices.

    While there still remains grey area regarding cannabidiol’s place in the supplement sphere, companies are selling CBD products for people and pets, and some are proving the compound’s capabilities it was hailed for from the beginning, like anxiety and pain relief. Though not successful for all, many consumers are grateful to have found a solution that works. For example, take Amy Carter of St. Francis, Wisconsin, whose epileptic Yorkshire terrier-Chihuahua mix continued experiencing seizures even WITH expensive medications. Amy decided to administer CBD recommended by a friend to treat Bentley. She reports “It’s amazing. Bentley was having multiple seizures a week. To have only six in the past seven months is absolutely incredible.”

    What Matters in CBD Manufacturing

    Since the 2018 Farm Bill passed, Bill Bookout, president of the National Animal Supplement Council, claims “The growth is more rapid than I’ve seen for any product in 20 years in this business. There’s a gold rush going on now. Probably 95 percent of the industry participants are responsible, but what’s dangerous is the fly-by-night operative that wants to cash in.”

    Here’s the thing: Because there isn’t much established by the FDA about the production and selling of CBD, brands have been rushing to get products to market, sidelining quality, safety and effectiveness. Three factors that can either help or harm both people and pets. Three factors your brand should never compromise, should you want to succeed. Choose a trustworthy partner like Stock CBD Supplements that ONLY creates products which are third-party lab tested, containing exactly what is on the label.

    There are tons of success stories with CBD that are, according to the cannabis research firm Brightfield Group, contributing to the $400 million market that grew more than tenfold since last year and is projected to hit $1.7 billion by 2023.

    Cornell University veterinary researcher Joseph Wakshlag, who studies therapeutic uses for CBD, said “You’d be astounded by the analysis we’ve seen of products on the shelf with virtually no CBD in them […] There are plenty of folks looking to make a dollar rather than produce anything that’s really beneficial.” Stock CBD is the first to attest to the importance of Wakshlag’s words. We are well aware of other providers’ ways. Cheaply sourced product will not only fail your customers, but it will discredit your brand’s reputation. Don’t cut corners and assume your material contains the federally-compliant CBD level, and don’t just hope for the best when it comes to contaminants such as heavy metals. Don’t be like other companies. Be the company that cares about its customers’ satisfaction and what goes on the shelves with your name on it. Why settle for less when you have a solid full-service provider just a ring away?

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