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    Megan Rapinoe’s Next Move: CBD and Beyond

    • Megan Rapinoe’s Next Move: CBD and Beyond

    The first national governing body in the Olympics system to do so, the U.S. triathlon team has announced it is partnering with CBD company Pure Spectrum. The deal was sealed once the team learned that Pure Spectrum uses industrial hemp to manufactures its products which adhere to “strict third-party testing protocols,” deeming the company’s products safe for use.

    On an individual level, Olympic-worthy athletes are not only using CBD—they are getting in on the business end of developing their own signature brands and signing deals with CBD companies.

    Who, You Ask?

    First it was Rob Gronkowski, former New England Patriots tight end, who claimed that thanks to CBD, he is pain free for the first time in over a decade. In addition to using cannabidiol himself, Gronk is partnering with CBDMedic to launch a CBD product line for “safe, natural, and temporary relief” from pain.

    Regal Rapinoe

    Now, it’s all-star Megan Rapinoe’s turn. The USWNT champion and winner of the 2019 FIFA Women’s Player of the Year award announced Saturday that she is partnering with twin sister Rachael’s CBD brand, Mendi. Megan will be the brand’s first athlete ambassador of the company’s Athlete Ambassador Program and will continue serving as a board advisor and strategic partner, helping with brand strategy and product development. This is Rapinoe’s first sponsorship deal since she and the USWNT won the World Cup in July. She hopes to use her partnership with Mendi to raise awareness of implementing equal pay, diversity, inclusion, and justice into workplaces and communities.

    In a press release, Rachael shared “As a tool, CBD has been integral in Megan’s training and recovery program for the past few years. She’s seen the massive potential for more people to adopt CBD into their recovery regimens and saw a need to do something about it by partnering with us to make sure we do it right.”

    Mendi’s products were designed with athletes in mind. All of their products use hemp so athletes can easily take them on flights without worrying about hassles from the TSA. These products do not even carry trace amounts of THC, completely circumventing the legality concern altogether. Another company offering quality manufactured CBD products, Stock CBD Supplements remains compliant with the law, providing private label CBD services to brands of all sizes.

    In a statement announcing Rapinoe’s partnership, Mendi said “Although CBD products are still stigmatized in most pro leagues, there is no better athlete to lead the charge in moving the needle for cannabis use as an alternative recovery tool.” While CBD products may still be stigmatized, CBD is definitely gaining traction among athletes in professional sports leagues and associations, including the National Football League and Professional Golfers’ Association of America. With more advocates like Gronk and Rapinoe, who have taken their personal experience with the compound on professional paths, CBD endorsement will continue to become mainstream, impacting the lives of people who need relief from not only pain, but a list of ailments that keeps on growing.