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    Arthritis Foundation Brings Clarity Surrounding CBD

    • Arthritis Foundation Brings Clarity Surrounding CBD

    While the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has yet to release rules and regulations for CBD products, the Arthritis Foundation is the first major patient advocacy group to establish some guidance on using the cannabis-derived ingredient.

    The Arthritis Foundation hopes to provide some kind of clarity for CBD usage, despite the lack of in-progress scientific evidence proving that it helps treat pain. Kevin Boehnke, a research investigator who works in anesthesiology at the University of Michigan shared “it was important to acknowledge the public’s interest, and put out some guidelines on the state of the science.” Boehnke assisted in the development of, and helped write, the Arthritis Foundation guidelines.

    It is even more important to note that the group makes something very clear: patients should not abandon their already prescribed arthritis medications. Boehnke said “the guidelines are not saying ‘you should try this.’ They are saying, ‘if you want to try, here’s how you should do it.’”

    Since the 2018 Farm Bill, which removed hemp from the controlled substance list, a public frenzy has ensued about CBD products—products both marketed and sold with health claims including relief from stress, insomnia and pain. These claims have caught the attention of people who experience arthritis daily. Remember, arthritis is an incurable condition, so it’s to no surprise that such individuals would be interested in what CBD has to offer.

    And The Survey Says

    The Arthritis Foundation surveyed 2,600+ patients, finding that approximately 80% are either currently using cannabidiol or are considering it for their joint pain. CBD provides hope, and that hope should fuel further science-based research to prove the compound’s effectiveness and safety. Until conclusions are made, the Foundation does propose that people who want to try CBD start slowly with the lowest dose, and track their symptoms over time.

    The Foundation also suggests to patients to work with a licensed physician when finding the CBD product that is right for them. Using independent, third-party testing makes CBD providers more reputable.


    There is much to be done on the FDA’s end. Concrete CBD regulations must be determined in order to put more people at ease so they may enjoy the many benefits cannabidiol carries in supplement form.

    Beyond that, anything is possible. At the moment, there is one CBD drug, backed by extensive research, that has been approved by the FDA: Epidiolex, which is used to treat two rare and severe forms of epilepsy. Rheumatologist Dr. Eric Westerman estimates 90% of his patients ask him about CBD. And to put things into perspective:

    some 54 million Americans have been diagnosed with arthritis… around 350 million people have it worldwide. Just THINK of how many lives your private label CBD product line could change for the better.