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    Young Americans’ Rising Confidence in CBD Benefits

    • Young Americans’ Rising Confidence in CBD Benefits

    Gallup, Inc., an American analytics and advisory company, has collected data showing that younger Americans are more confident in the health benefits of CBD (cannabidiol), and according to a report by Hemp Industry Daily, the majority of Americans in general believe CBD has at least some health benefits.

    Gallup’s findings:

    A telephone poll conducted in late May unveiled that 78% of surveyed individuals around the country who know about CBD believe that it does have benefits. Of the more than 1,000 people surveyed, 64% had some awareness of CBD, while the rest were unfamiliar with the compound.

    Among the group aware of CBD, the proportion who believed CBD has many health benefits was highest among adults 18-29 years old.

    The proportion of each subsequent age group that thought CBD has much to offer declined beyond the age of 29. Overall, 74-82% of all individuals with awareness of CBD within all age groups believed the compound has “some” or “a lot” of health benefits.

    It’s no surprise, with CBD’s rapid spread into the mainstream, that more people are tuning into what cannabidiol has to offer. Think of all your ailments. Back pain, IBS, anxiety, insomnia? Your customers have at least one of the complaints you have. And cannabidiol’s effects reach far beyond any one person’s condition. Without intoxicating effects so often associated with cannabis, CBD can reduce inflammation, calm the mind, and enable so many to do so much. Request a quote and #SeeTheCBDifference today!


    • “Poll Finds Younger Americans More Confident in CBD Benefits.” Vitamin Retailer August 2019 Published: 12. Print.