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    How to Propel Your White Label CBD Business in a Thriving Market

    • How to Propel Your White Label CBD Business in a Thriving Market

    Nervous about extending your private label vitamin or supplement company to include CBD products? Worry no more. We are here with the 3 major guidelines on how to wisely and effectively approach launching your line of white label CBD supplements.

    1. Regulations weigh heavily—don’t underestimate them

    Industrial hemp is legal, yes. But that does give you the green light to sell hemp-derived CBD supplements containing just any amount of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. According to federal ruling, CBD products’ THC level must not cross the authorized threshold of 0.3%, otherwise it is deemed illegal to sell.

    Speaking of laws, in order to sell CBD online or in-store, here’s what you’ll need to do beforehand:

    • Obtain your business license, get incorporation and EIN/TIN number for your freshly-registered CBD company
    • Research. Understand the processes of CBD extraction from the cannabis plant and how it is developed into a high quality, safe product. Your customers will have questions, and you should have fortified, accurate answers.
    • If you are in a state where medical marijuana is not legal, confirm that your sourced cannabidiol is hemp-derived.
    • Safeguard your credibility by ensuring your CBD product packaging, dosage, and company terms are clear and coherent to your customers. And remember, laws are amended all the time. Keep track and adhere to them.

    2. Maintain and refresh your website

    Most of your first impression depends on your website’s appearance and functionality. If a guest visits your site and that site is difficult to navigate, chances are they will not be returning any time soon. This is a missed opportunity… but it doesn’t have to be! Strategize with SEO and keep your site updated with real and new content that drives traffic and success.

    3. Gain customer trust

    While you are not permitted to claim that CBD can cure certain conditions, you CAN inform your customers through an appealing label of all the potential benefits CBD has to offer. Choose a reputable CBD manufacturing service provider that offers an array of design layouts. Our most successful clients have been so due to our high level of service and quality.

    Feeling overwhelmed? That’s why we’re here! The Stock CBD Supplements team is equipped with all the knowledge and cognizance of cGMP standards and federal regulations to abide by. Ditch the CBD manufacturers that don’t give you the time of day to express your goals as a brand. We understand the uncertainties that go along with business ventures, especially in such a competitive industry. With us, you’ll #SeeTheCBDifference in no time!