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    You Oughtta Know: BCAA and CBD Supplementation

    • You Oughtta Know: BCAA and CBD Supplementation

    Pre-Workout, collagen, creatine… there are so many options when it comes to workout supplements. In particular, protein supplements provide the body with the needed amino acids for creating more cells and increasing the size of muscle tissue. But if your customers are really looking to shed the body fat and do so in a relaxed state, BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) with CBD are the way to go. Here’s why:

    When reducing caloric intake, the body will be forced to convert body fat into energy, resulting in weight loss. During this restriction, the body will also try to hold onto fatty tissue and may lead to skeletal muscle loss. That’s not all. The body will attempt to break down proteins in your muscle tissue in order to release amino acids for metabolic fuel. Stick with me here. Muscle protein synthesis will also be reduced because of the calorie deficiency. Since the goal is to raise muscle mass, this reduction is not ideal.

    Enter BCAAs

    To keep the negative effects of dieting at bay, BCAAs can help grow muscle and lose body fat AT THE SAME TIME.

    BCAA + CBD Benefits

    • BCAAs enhance protein synthesis, or the process through which the body produces new muscle proteins. Increased protein synthesis means increased muscle mass.
    • A lean diet will break down muscle protein to produce amino acids for metabolic energy. BCAAs, however, will reduce that breakdown. A lower amount of protein breakdown yields will then lead to not only faster, but GREATER gains.
    • Your customers will see a change in workout quality. BCCA supplementation lowers the amount of serotonin produced, allowing for longer, harder routines without feeling exhausted. Remember, serotonin is typically what causes the fatigue during exercise so, during a tough workout session, BCAAs are favorable to say the least.
    • BCAAs go beyond the gym. These unique amino acids assist in recovery and repair, minimizing muscle ache, all while converting fat into energy. Hey, this is great news! You could offer a BCAA pre-workout product and a BCAA post-workout product!
    • If you thought BCAAs were enough, consider what can be achieved when combined with cannabidiol. The heightened calm and focus CBD provides will allow your customers to go that much further, reaching their weight loss and muscle gain goals.

    Branched-chain amino acids are not harmful, like some other chemical substances athletes and bodybuilders use to gain muscle, i.e.: steroids. BCAA supplements have proven themselves to aid in protein synthesis pre- and post-workout, while CBD is a non-addictive, non-psychoactive compound. Once you’ve decided on a stellar supplement with a reputable provider *ahem* that’s us, it’s important to remind your customers of the basics. Most of the protein people ingest should come from rich natural foods, like eggs and fish. BCAA supplementation should be limited to a training period, and dependency on BCAAs instead of natural food is strongly discouraged.